We have come far with limited resources, but imagine what we could accomplish with your help...

Why support us?

We are committed to reach both youths and adults through our events and activities, to foster a sense of community, improving their personal well-being, and learning different topics outside of academic methods.​

NEW International TRAINING

Provide critical knowledge of different fields for youth workers, businesses, and individuals to have the tools to navigate our complex world with more certainty.


Carry out more youth exchanges to connect people and create an international learning environment for the youth.

Building communities

Arrange new international meetups and increased sense of unity. The end goal is to promote cooperation and friendship.


We are working on new and improved materials that enhance the work of NGOs and youth workers.

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Efficient management.
Great results.

Handling donations responsibly is one of our main priorities. 95% of the donations are going towards new events and materials. 5% is spent to keep our coffee cups filled.

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Even a 5€ monthly donation can make a significant difference for us. Leave us a comment about what kind of future you are hoping for, so we can build it together. 

Oh, and don’t forget to keep in touch with us. Come and see the people that you are helping!

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