Project Overview

Tech Youth is a series of project that connects technology and non-formal education. The project ‘Tech Youth: Digital Skills” will gather 18 youth workers from Spain, Estonia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Italy. The main goal of the Training Course is to train participants with digital knowledge and digital tools.

The project is going to cover several topics: steps to create a webpage, free software (OpenOffice, Gimp, Linux), basic Excel management, SEO and Internet advertising, computer security, database management, online work platforms (Trello, Slack, google drive) …

Participants Profile

The participant candidates will be evaluated based on their level of motivation and interest in the topic. The most motivated individuals who wish to fully participate and contribute to the success of this project will be selected.

Participant’s prerequisites:

  • Be a youth worker or be active in this field
  • Be present and have an active participation in all sessions of the TC
  • Be over 18 years old
  • Have a fluent command of English language

Preferred qualifications:

  • Experience in youth work
  • Interest in the topic of the project
  • Motivation to participate in the project

It is also important to find participants who have a clear understanding that the project does not end with the completion of activities, but continues with the dissemination and presentations of the results. Gender balance and group diversity in terms of different social and cultural backgrounds will be taken into consideration.

Accommodation and Food

The Training Course will take place in Seville. Participants will be hosted in “Albergue Inturjoven Sevilla” near the city center.

Accommodation and food will be covered by the host organization. Participants will be grouped by gender. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served at the same location every day. 


The general rules are the usual – be on time, respect other people, clean up after yourself, do not disturb others late at night, follow the venue rules. In addition to this we will also talk about the rules regarding sauna, swimming and the venue itself. 

Drug usage, violence, sexual harassment, theft or any other serious misbehavior will result in us calling the police, casting you out of the exchange and not reimbursing your travel cost.  

We will go over all the rules in the beginning of the exchange and also have them visible on the wall during the project.



Travelling to the project can be done by flying to either Malaga or Seville. Malaga usually has better flight connections. If possible, fly to Seville, if it is significantly cheaper then fly to Malaga instead and take the train from there to Seville. We will assist you as much as possible and ensure your safe arrival at the accommodation.

All participants must arrive at the accommodation on 3rd of December or a bit earlier, arriving few days earlier is usually okay if you confirm this with us first. If you arrive earlier, we will help you look for a cheap accommodation before the project starts. Just as you can arrive earlier, you can also leave a few days after the real departure day. The departure day is 10th of December. You have to pay extra for the accommodation during the nights which are not included in this project. Arriving earlier or leaving later will give you some breathing space and you will have some time to check out other cities or places you wish to visit. and are two really useful websites to find suitable tickets. 

NOTE: You are only allowed to purchase the tickets if we have confirmed that you will be participating in this project and if your travel option is suitable.

Travel cost reimbursement limits based on the travel distance:

  • Spain: 20 EUR
  • Italy: 270 EUR
  • Slovakia: 360 EUR
  • Slovenia: 360 EUR
  • Estonia: 530 EUR

To be entitled for reimbursement the participant has to comply with the following
• The travel has to be economical mean for the group as the whole
• For plane, train or bus the ticket has to be economy/2nd class
• Only eligible transport for reimbursement is authorized public transportation company
• Examples of ineligible transportation: priority boarding, seat reservation, additional language, business class tickets, plane tickets on longer routes, plane tickets with stops for one night or more, taxi, rented cars, private transport companies, travel starting or ending in different country then the sending organization’s country, etc.
• For electronic ticket/receipt/invoice the document has to be delivered in PDF format. If it’s on a website, it has to be saved as PDF or printed into PDF. Screenshots or forwarded emails are no accepted
• If no electronic version is available, the original transport ticket and receipt/invoice has to be delivered to the project coordinator. (We recommend purchasing electronic tickets whenever it’s possible because of ease of use)
• The travel dates can be max 3 days prior/post project
• The participant has to be on the project for the whole duration and has to attend all the sessions
• The participant is responsible for delivering all the documents required for reimbursement, the deadline for delivering the documents is 30 days after the end of the project


Youth Europa will provide accommodation, food and programme activities during the project. You must keep all the bills, boarding passes and all kinds of tickets with you, because we need them in order to reimburse your travel cost. There is a participation fee of 30 euros that will help us improve the quality of this project.

NOTE: The travel cost will not be reimbursed to the people who are not taking part of the whole youth exchange or who severely break the rules of the exchange. It is recommended to bring some cash with you in order to buy some of the services offered by the accommodation.

General Information

Weather conditions: the average temperature in December is around +15 0C during the day and +60C during the night.

Currency in Estonia: EURO

Dress code: Casual / comfortable, sneakers or some other sort of footwear would be nice to have indoors. Have enough warm clothes that you can also stay outdoors. We will mostly stay inside, but there are some activities planned outside as well.

Cultural nights: each country is expected to prepare a program to present their culture, to bring some typical local drinks and foods and prepare a cultural program like presentation of local tradition, music, dance etc.

Meals: we will provide you with three meals/day and coffee breaks. The meals will take into account all the participants dietary aspects such as allergies, intolerance and preferences. We will also have vegetarian.

Health and travel insurance: the participants are required by Erasmus+ program to have a valid European health insurance and a valid travel insurance for the period of the projects including the travel dates.

Transport: to the project venue will be arrange by the organizers the departure and arrival will be most likely be from Seville

Material: We require that every participant bring his/her laptop to the project, contact us if you have any problem with that!

Contact: For more information, feel free to contact Tony by email ( or by Facebook (Antonio Manresa González)!


Project Summary

Location: Spain
Type: Erasmus+ Training Course
Topic: Digital Skills
Place: Seville
Organizer: Youth Europa
Dates: 3rd – 10th December 2017
Participants: 3 people from Country
Countries: Spain, Estonia, Slovakia, Italy, Slovenia
Target group: Youth Workers
Working language: English

Participation fee: 30eur