Project Overview


This Erasmus+ youth exchange “Start Up Your Career in Multimedia” will introduce the topic of bringing youths closer to entrepreneurial activities in multimedia,the importance of self-esteem and good ideas, with main goal to raise awareness among youngsters about their personal capacities and the entrepreneurship in media in general in our life. Are we aware of our personal values and ideas? 40 youngsters from SK, RO, HU, LT and EE will work together for 10 days to discover the meaning of entrepreneurship as well as multimedia and developing a sense for entrepreneurial activities in multimedia. This YE will take place in Počuvadlo, Slovakia between 13th – 24th April 2018. Methods like brainstorming, strategic planning, preparation of business plan, indicative planning of the costs and introduction to various types of multimedia, besides various team building games, simulation exercises, role play exercises, competitions, presentations, open discussion, facts and figures and creative work will be implemented during the Youth Exchange. Youngsters will work on making their own business plan using multimedia techniques that will enable them to put their ideas into reality.

What you will learn:

  • Introduction to entrepreneurship
  • Introduction to photography and videography
  • Entrepreneurial situations in different countries
  • Sharing entrepreneurial ideas
  • Making business plans
  • Combining multimedia and entrepreneurship to reach your goal



Detailed information about reimbursement, activities and travel arrangements will be provided to the selected applicants.



Project Summary

Location: Slovakia

Type: Erasmus+ Youth Exchange

Topic: Entrepreneurship and multimedia

Place: Počuvadlo

Organizer: Občiansky Spolok

Dates: 13th – 24th April 2018 (13th and 24th are travel dates)

Participants: 8 participants and 2 group leaders per country

Countries: Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Lithuania and Estonia

Working language: English

Sending fee: 20€