Project Overview


The project “Spot and Support” is an international youth worker mobility, which will bring together 34 participants from eight different European countries – Estonia, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Greece, Slovakia, Italy and Croatia. During the project we will focus on human and sexual rights, victim support and policy making.

Our aims is to explore and develop the possibilities of supporting people around us. Sadly, youth are one of the most exploited groups in our society. During this project we will work on the ways to help them on an individual and even regional level.

Learning will be based on the following methods: debates, interactive presentations, workshops, investigations and development of little creative projects.

Besides, the program includes many interesting and funny activities such as visits, night activities, daily games, contests and so on.


Participants Profile


The participant candidates will be evaluated based on their level of motivation and interest and in the topic and a view on how to implement gained knowledge in the future. The most suitable individuals who wish to fully participate and contribute to the success of this project will be selected.

Participant’s prerequisites:

  • Be active in youth field
  • Be present and be active participation on all sessions of the project
  • Show initiative and interest in  learning, developing and implementing non-formal methods on the subject of human rights and victim support
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be fluent in English

Group requirements

  • National groups will follow gender balance requirements (1 male = 1 female) as best as possible.


Accommodation and Food


Raudsilla Entertainment Complex is situated in Lahemaa National Park and is an unique venue. Home to a number of small and large wooden teepee tents. Including the largest teepee in Europe. It has a variety of different activities, which can experienced in this marvellous location.

Some of the available activities are:

  • Saunas
  • Hot-tubs
  • Hiking
  • Disc-golf
  • Volleyball
  • Adventure Park etc.

Raudsilla is surrounded by beautiful untouched nature and through it flows Pärlijõgi (“Pearl river”), which is one of the last remaining habitats of the freshwater pearl mussel (Margaritifera margaritifera). Another sight definitely worth visiting is the Baltic Klint and braver participants can try out catapult-zipline down this magnificent bank. Raudsilla is the perfect place to just unwind and unplug!

Accommodation and food will be covered by the host organization. Accommodation will be grouped by gender. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served at the same location every day.

The sleeping will be in 2 different houses with men and women separately. There are mattresses, blankets, pillows etc so you don’t need to bring these with you. Our seminar room will be the biggest teepee in Europe and we will be spending most of our time there. In addition to this there are saunas, river and a hot tub at our disposal!

We are really happy to announce that this project will be taking place in such a special location and we believe that this accommodation will make your stay even more memorable!




The general rules are the usual – be on time, respect other people, clean up after yourself, do not disturb others late at night, follow the venue rules. In addition to this we will also talk about the rules regarding sauna, swimming, the venue and the project itself.

Drug usage, violence, sexual harassment, theft or any other serious misbehavior will result in us calling the police, casting you out of the exchange and not reimbursing your travel cost.  

We will go over all the rules in the beginning of the exchange and also have them displayed during the project.

NOTE: Travel cost will be partially or fully removed if participants:

  • Do not take part in the whole length of the main activity
  • Repeatedly break the basic rules and do not react to warnings
  • Commit any serious misbehavior




Travelling to Estonia can be done by flying to either Tallinn (Estonia) or Riga (Latvia). Riga usually has better flight connections. If possible, fly to Tallinn, if it is significantly cheaper then fly to Riga instead and take the bus from there to Tallinn. We will assist you as much as possible and ensure your safe arrival at the accommodation.

All participants must arrive at the accommodation on 12th of May or a bit earlier, arriving few days earlier is usually okay if you confirm this with us first. If you arrive earlier, we will help you look for a cheap accommodation before the project starts. Just as you can arrive earlier, you can also leave a few days after the real departure day. The departure day is 19th of May. You have to pay extra for the accommodation during the nights which are not included in this project. Arriving earlier or leaving later will give you some breathing space and you will have some time to check out other cities or places you wish to visit. and are two really useful websites to find suitable tickets., are two of the websites to check the bus from Riga to Tallinn. is for the bus travel in Estonia.

NOTE: You are only allowed to purchase the tickets if we have confirmed that you will be participating in this project and if your travel option is suitable.

Travel cost reimbursement limits based on the travel distance:

  • Estonia(100-499km): 180 EUR
  • Sweden(100-499km): 180 EUR
  • Croatia(500-2000km): 275 EUR
  • Poland(500-2000km): 275 EUR
  • Slovakia(500-2000km): 275 EUR
  • Greece(2000-3000km): 360 EUR
  • Italy(2000-3000km): 360 EUR
  • Spain(2000-3000km): 360 EUR


VERY IMPORTANT. This is the limit for every participant depending on the country you come from. But, first of all, as participant you have to verify that your trip is within the corresponding distance band for your country. If your trip is not inside the distance band of your country, you have to contact us because your limit will be a bit lower. For measuring distance use this link and select the city/village you come from as “Start” and Loksa, Estonia as “End”.

As a participant, you can arrive up to 2 days before and leave up to 2 days after the Project dates (12th of May – 19th of May).

  • The arrival can be as early as 10th of May.
  • The departure can be as late as 21th of May.
  • The accommodation and food outside the project dates will be covered by the participant himself/herself (we will try help to find the best options available).





Youth Europa will provide accommodation, food and programme activities during the project. You must keep all the bills, boarding passes and all kinds of tickets with you, this is necessary in order to reimburse your travel cost. There is a participation fee of 40 euros that will help us improve the quality of this project.

NOTE: The travel cost will not be reimbursed to the people who are not taking part of the whole youth worker mobility or who break the rules of the exchange. It is recommended to bring some cash with you in order to buy some of the services offered by the accommodation.


General Information


Weather conditions: the average temperature in May is around +10 0C on average with the highest of +24 0C during the day and as cold as 0 0C during the night. The weather in Estonia is rather unpredictable, but May will hopefully be reasonably warm.

Currency in Estonia: EURO

Dress code: Casual / comfortable, sneakers or some other sort of footwear would be nice to have indoors. Have enough warm clothes so that you can also stay outdoors. We will mostly stay inside, but there are some activities planned outside as well. Do not underestimate the Estonian crazy weather.

Cultural nights: Each country is expected to bring some typical local drinks and foods and prepare a cultural program such as a presentation of local tradition, music, dance etc.

Meals: We will provide you with three meals/day and coffee breaks. The meals will take into account all the participants dietary aspects such as allergies, intolerance and preferences. We will also have vegetarian option available.

Health and travel insurance: the participants are required by Erasmus+ program to have a valid European health insurance and a valid travel insurance for the period of the projects including the travel dates.

Transport: We will arrange the transport to the project venue. The departure/arrival will be organised from/to Tallinn.


For more information, feel free to contact organisers by email or Facebook:



Project Summary

Location: Estonia

Type: Erasmus+ Youth Worker Mobility

Topic: Human Rights, Victim Support & Counselling

Place: Lahemaa National Park, Raudsilla

Organizer: Youth Europa

Dates: 12th of May – 19th of May 2018

Participants: 6 people from Estonia, 5 from Spain, 3 from Sweden,4 people from the rest

Countries: Estonia, Spain, Sweden, Slovakia, Greece, Croatia, Poland, Italy

Target group: Youth workers from 18 years and older

Working language: English

Participation fee: 40€