Project Overview

The project “Social Advertmakers” is a Training – Seminar that will take place between 30 August and 8 September, 2017 in Kegums, Latvia. The main goal to raise the awareness to the social problems that we face in everyday life such as equality, inclusion, human rights, communication between genders and generations. Beside that we will develop the skills of youth workers in the area of social media and digital technologies like: internet, photography and video making. In combination of above-mentioned will come a great result – opportunity to start using new methods and technologies in social work and become more visible.

There are several issues common to all of the organizations that need addressing, many of them concerning the inefficiency of their work in terms of audience and young people engaged. Thus we decided to organize a training-seminar for youth workers working in different fields of social issues to help them promote their activities, disseminate the results in a more professional and attractive way and as a result – to engage more active young people in their work and bring attention of a wider public to the social issues of their local community and country. During the 9 days of activity participants will develop their skills in youth work and social marketing. They will deepen the sense of entrepreneurship and responsibility of their work among their target groups. They will learn how to visualize the issues they are working on and how to engage their local community into their actions.

Due to improvement and professionalizing of their work they will be more attractive and more influential in their community, thus they will bring more attention to concerning social issues and engage more people in their work. The results of the project will be shared on social media platforms and websites. Beside them, a handbook will be released that will include all the outcomes of the project, good practices and learning methods. The entire outcome will serve as a basis for future cooperation among participants who will find potential future partners working in the same field of interest.



– To create a platform of sharing and discussions between youth workers about promotional tools like: social media, photography, videos, flash mobs, exhibitions, fairs etc.
– To raise awareness on the social issues relevant to the work of participants among them and their target groups using the multimedia tools of photography and videography;
– To stimulate the sense of entrepreneurship and responsibility for their work among participants through the creation of new methods of stimulating the active work of young people.
– To help youth initiate debate on the issues relevant to their local community using media, art and space;
– To developing basic digital skills using a creative approach towards the art of photo and video activity by attending dynamic workshops and practical work in photography and videography;
– To discover the Erasmus+ program and its advantages and to motivate participants to apply the acquired knowledge about Erasmus+ by creating future collaborations and projects.


Participant profile

The desired participants for this TS should be active, creative and openminded youth workers from organizations working in different fields of social issues in their countries who are willing to promote their activities to a wider audience. The project is addressed to participants who are working on raising awareness on social issues concerning their local community and are willing to engage more people in their activities. The training-seminar is a remedy for the concerns of participants, such as: inability to create a sustainable social campaign, lack of tools to promote their activities, lack of ideas how to engage young people, inability to build their attractive and convincing image, lack of awareness of the local community on the topic of social issues. Last but not least, they should be able to speak English at a medium level. The age limit is 18+.



The project will take a place near Kegums town, in a touristic and resort area near the Daugava river, which is less than hour from Riga, the capital of Latvia. All the participants will be hosted in the venue “Puduri”. They will share houses with same gender. Each house has rooms for 2 people each.



The sending organisation or participants themselves will buy flights tickets and then it will be reimbursed. All prices need to be accepted by the coordinator before any purchase is made, a screenshot from the website can be sent to us in advance and we will approve or decline within 48 hours, all attempts will be made to answer these emails as soon as possible. Tickets purchased without prior consent could result in no reimbursement for travel costs.


All boarding passes, invoices and travel documents must be kept and submitted after the project in original format and must also be emailed to the responsible officer of the host organisation before the project. Travel costs which exceed the limit will be the responsibility of the participants.

Please note that all the participants are required to have the travel insurance, but costs are the responsibility of the participant. The participants will be later on provided a detailed information on how to get to the venue. The reimbursement will most likely occur via the bank transfer.




Project Summary

Location: Latvia
Type: Erasmus+ Training Course
Topic: Social Media
Place: Kegums
Organizer: Latvijas Jauniešu Attīstības Centrs
Dates: 30/08 – 08/09/2017
Participants: 4
Countries: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Spain, Romania
Target group: Youth workers / Youth leaders
Working language: English

Sending fee: 10eur

Travel reimbursement: 180eur