Project Overview

The project “Greenmen” is a Youth Exchange that will take place between 18th and 26th September, 2017 in Balatonakarattya, Hungary. This Youth Exchange gives the opportunity to experience how the youth generation sees and faces the situation of the pollutions of World. The project is about what can the new and the present generation people do to reduce their ecological footprints. This program highlights the fact that being green is not trend but is a common interest. In the program the youngsters will also present themselves, their organization, country and it’s culture for the others and learn more about the main topic through presentations, games and social activities.



The main goals of the project are to generate international co-operation via non-formal education and art workshops, exchange experience, to foster the system of youth policy, to strengthen social inclusion of the youth and to encourage them to take more active participation in the European democracy.

Short-term goals of the project are to build new international networks, to propagate the Erasmus+ Programme, and to provide development of competencies of the participants’ varied skills. The program also aims to generate opportunities to learn and adapt good-practices, to improve language skills of the youngsters. Also, it helps establish new techniques in order to reduce of the rate of the pollutions, and develop self-knowledge of the participants and to foster their social responsibility. The long term goal of this project is to increase the knowledge of the environment consciousness, reduce the size of participants’ ecological footprints and to support and mobilize young people on their road of becoming active and green European citizens. Our youth exchange program includes all the priorities, goals and mission of the Erasmus+ Programme.

Other important goals are to strengthen the co-operation, partnership between the participants and to provide the development of their competencies. We support them to achieve their personal goals, motivate them to get involved in self and community development activities by using their creativity and their gained experience. The impact of the project is that with the help of the new experience, knowledge they gained, they will be able to make positive changes.


Participant profile

The desired participants for this YE should be active, creative and openminded people with strong interests in the main topic. Last but not least, they should be able to speak English at a medium level. The age limit is 18 to 30.



All the participants will be hosted in the hotel Vivien. The hotel can accommodate 70 people in: 25 double bedrooms. The rooms are equipped with bathrooms, toilets, television sets(colour, with remote control and satellite channels) and telephones. Inside the building: estaurant, drink bar, sauna. In the yard: you will find a garden, a playground for children, a barbecue, tennis courts, a small sports field and table tennis. Sports equipment is available. On the beach of Lake Balaton 200 metres away aquacycles, windsurf equipment and boats can be hired. Well-equipped conference hall is perfectly suitable for organising various trainings, further education, conferences, meetings and lectures for up to 100 people.





All boarding passes, invoices and travel documents must be kept and submitted after the project in original format and must also be emailed to the responsible officer of the host organisation before the project. Travel costs which exceed the limit will be the responsibility of the participants.

Please note that all the participants are required to have the travel insurance, but costs are the responsibility of the participant. The participants will be later on provided a detailed information on how to get to the venue. The reimbursement will most likely occur via the bank transfer.


Project Summary

Location: Hungary
Type: Erasmus+ Youth Exchange
Topic: Environment
Place: Balatonakarattya
Organizer: Lélektér Alapítvány
Dates: 18 – 26/09/2017
Participants: 6
Countries: Hungary, Spain, Turkey, Italy, Lithuania, Greece and Bulgaria
Target group: Spanish people from 18 to 30 y.o.
Working language: English

Sending fee: 20eur

Travel reimbursement: 360eur