Project Overview

In this age, where virtual reality is more important than real life, we want to stress the balance of online and offline time. Every day we can hear: “Nothing is for real if it’s not on social networks!” and similar popular lines, but inside the young generation is unfulfilled. There is feeling amongst the youth today, according to our youth group and its peers, that they are sometimes called “the selfie” or “only party” generation, that there is a lack of motivation to take on the responsibility of world issues and all of its problems. However, our youth see it differently and realize that part of the problem lies in a lack of empowerment and critical thinking that the youth of today feel. In fact we see the self-development as the very tool that can be used to inspire, give strength and power to our generation for better future for everyone. In the “Green Active Healthy” project, the partner organisations from 5 EU countries want to connect the participants around the idea of balancing their time in the nature with virtual time. We want to know more on environmental issues and current social issues in different parts of Europe.

The young participants will have many opportunities to learn and share the experience with their peers through many different technics of non-formal education. The project will be implemented in rural Slovenian countryside, where participants will be able to experience the beauty of the nature and its’ various opportunities. During the project’s activity (youth exchange), 30 participants will connect with nature, but also work on their communication, digital, cultural and social skills. We will promote the idea of “open mind”, where the participants will learn from each other, improve their character, and foster the skills which could be used to help others. We will do our best so that each participant will find this project experience useful for his/her future life.



⦁    Name games, energizers, trust games,
⦁    NGO market,
⦁    Erasmus + program presentation, Youthpass,
⦁    Reflection groups to prepare Youthpass,
⦁    Everyday evaluation of the activities,
⦁    Intercultural dinner and evening programs,
⦁    Trip to Murska Sobota and flash mob,
⦁    »Helthy life, Nice life« campaign,
⦁    Environmental workshops,
⦁    Culinary workshops,
⦁    Sports,
⦁    Visiting local bio farm and much more.



We will have catering from local restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But the help in the kitchen and with the dishes is very much welcome from the participants.

If you have some special needs for food (vegetarian, celiac, some allergies, etc.), please, inform us beforehand. We can provide you just “with/without meet” vegetarian food, if you have some very complicated diet, or as a vegetarian you would like to have some special ingredients, we would appreciate if you could take the food that you need with you.


We will be accommodated in a Youth Centre in Hodoš. There are comfortable and spacious rooms, dining room and workshop room and kitchen. We will have all the center for ourselves.


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⦁    No alcohol policy: This is an International and educational Project granted from European found. Participant should be aware they are not on holidays. It’s a special task for group leaders: please, talk about it with your groups. Alcohol is forbidden during the project, except in Intercultural dinner where we only need to taste it, so it is not necessary to bring a lot with you and only if there is some specific alcohol beverage very typical from your country. Please, make sure that participants are not bringing any other alcohol with them. Problems with alcohol can lead to sending the participant home and not reimburse money.
⦁    No drugs.
⦁    Be on time (especially important for complete the program).
⦁    Respect each other.
⦁    Cleaning.
⦁    Participate and active people!

We will talk about the rules directly at the place.



⦁    There is a participation fee of 30eur + 10eur sending fee that will be charged from every participant of the exchange. This fee is obligatory.
⦁    100% of your traveling cost (170eur) will be reimbursed on the condition that the person has all the bills, tickets and boarding passes (when traveling by plane) to present to us.
⦁    100% of costs of simple accommodation and basic food are covered
⦁    The travel costs will not be reimbursed to people who are not taking part of the entire youth exchange or not respecting the rules of the exchange.


What to bring

⦁    Lots of positive energy,

⦁    Sport clothing,

⦁    Towels and personal things,

⦁    Typical food for intercultural evening,

⦁    Posters, cards, videos, music that is typical for your country,

⦁    Info, presentation, other material to present your country,

⦁    Camera, laptop (at least 1 per group) and other equipment for workshops,

⦁    Ideas for energizers and ice-breaking games

⦁    Good mood.

Your group leader will also inform you about preparation before coming to the project.


Project Summary

Location: Slovenia
Type: Erasmus+ Youth Exchange
Topic: Health
Place: Hodoš
Organizer: ELU
Dates: 7th – 16th April 2017
Participants: 6 per country
Countries: Slovenia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Spain, Lithuania
Target group: Young people ages 18-27 who are interested in the topic of this project
Working language: English


Andres Soop

+372 52 188 35