Project Overview

GONEET training course is dealing with the European-wide problem of NEETs(NEET stands for Not in Education, Employment or Training). This course aims at to develop social capital forNEETs and to empower the former with essential skills for a competitive entrance to the labour market or further education. In such a way the NEETs shall be able to acquire vital competences, which are in line with the basic EU guidelines, strategies and policies outlined for the youth field. The GONEET training course is following by close the objectives of EU 2020 strategy, namely in what concerns the topics of employment, dropout reduction and poverty reduction. The core objectives of this training course (namely between the youth organisations involved with its implementation) are as follows: A) to strengthen the cooperation in the field of education and training and B) to address the strategy outlined within the Education and Training 2020 document. This course supports also the fulfillment of the principles of lifelong learning and of strengthening youth mobility across the European territory. It is our conviction that by means of equipping youth workers with a comprehensive set of educational tools, the youth workers will be capable to offer voluntary activities targeted to help NEETs undertake a first step, either for employment or education/training. Putting all these goals together, this training course aims at providing youth workers with useful, non-formal educational tools which are essential for analysing the reality of youth, whilst empowering simultaneously young people in their communities and to transform their talents/potentials into opportunities.


Project Objectives

Madan Parque shareholders and its core partners have recognised the urgent need and therefore the importance of developing suitable strategies to address the NEETs problem across the EU. This commitment has led to the development of the GONEET training course which is going to be held at Portugal. As it was said before, its main objective is to develop a new approach for youth workers dealing with NEETs with the sole purpose to provide these youngsters critical skills needed for a successful entrance to the labour market or education. Our main target group consists of the youth workers dealing with NEET-related programs, but the beneficiaries of our project will be specific groups of young people who are not in education, employment nor training. Accordingly, the main educational objectives for youth workers are:

  • To equip those involved with ‘NEET youth work ‘ with skills and competencies
    in order to be capable to support this vulnerable group in a more effective way;
  • To experience motivational techniques and NFE workshops aiming at to help
    young people to express themselves by various means, in order to pave the
    way to employability or further education.

The main objectives for the youth worker’s training are:

  • To develop a sustainable network among youth organisations which are being
    associated with NEETs within EU, thus creating stronger partnerships for future
    cooperative projects;
  • To co-develop or share innovative models of intervention methods (tools) and
    programs which are suitable to support this vulnerable target group. That’s is
    the case of “video CV” presentations and the “e-guide for EU NEET”.

In the project we will include youth organisationsfrom different EU backgrounds, with the aim to develop new potentials for young people. The transnationality of the project follows the objectives of the renewed framework for European cooperation in the youth field (2010-18) for the implementation of the principles for lifelong learning and mobility, while exploiting different experiences in different EU countries.



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There is a sending fee of 20eur and participation fee of 35eur. You will have 530eur travel budget. This means that you will buy the tickets and get the money back (up to 530eur) after the project. The accommodation, food and the activities are all funded by Erasmus+ programme and are free for you.





Project Summary

Location: Portugal
Type: Erasmus+ Training Course
Topic: NEET Youth
Place: Santa Cruz
Dates: 2nd October – 8th October 2017 
Target group: Youth workers/leaders
Working language: English

Sending fee: 20eur

Travel money: 530eur