Project Overview

The structure of the project is as follows:

1.- Participants will watch European films with special emphasis on Spanish productions.

2.- Participants will learn about filmmaking. From writing a script to video-editing. Everything will be done through easy-to-follow workshops.

3.- There will be several debates on inclusion among young people and the role of cinema on this.

4.- The participants will work in different groups. They will produce a short film about what they have learned. There will be an awards ceremony where the short films will compete.

Besides, the program includes a lot of interesting and funny activities such as visits, night activities, daily games, contests and so on.

Participants Profile

Participant requirements

  • To have both interest on the topic of the project and an active participation
  • To be between 17 and 27 years old. There is no age restriction for group leaders.
  • To have a fluent level of English
  • To hold the European Health Card (EU countries) or a medical insurance (Non-EU countries) valid during the period of the Exchange. If not, you must sign the document that exempts us from any responsibility related to eventual health care costs.

Group requirements

  • Gender balance (2 boys and 3 girls per country or viceversa)

Accommodation and Food

The accommodation is in El Escorial, in the region of Madrid, a little city (15000 inhabitants) in the center of Spain, 60 km from the capital. We will be hosted in a youth hostel where the food will also be served.

City of Madrid
“Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Madrid, Spain. UNESCO declared The Royal Site of San Lorenzo of El Escorial a World Heritage Site. El Escorial is a historical residence of the king of Spain and was built by Philip II of Spain.”

Youth Europa will provide breakfast, lunch, dinner and breaks/snacks. There will always be options for people with food restrictions (vegetarian, vegan, allergic, religious reasons, etc), as long as they point it out in the corresponding form that participants will receive before the Project.



Basic rules about respecting each other will be mandatory: be on time, respect the others, clean up after yourself, do not make noise after midnight, follow the accommodation rules, separate wastes, follow the workshops and sessions actively. Anyway, in the beginning of the exchange, rules will be presented in detail.

Serious misbehaviors, such as drug usage, violence, sexual harassment, theft or any other, will result in us calling the police, excluding you from the exchange and not reimbursing your travel costs.

NOTE: travel cost can be partially of fully removed to the people who:

  • Do not take part in the whole length of the Exchange
  • Repeatedly break the basic rules and don’t react to warnings
  • Commit any serious misbehavior



Participants must arrive to the accommodation the 14th April before 21h and leave it the 23rd April before 14h. Regarding the trip, there are some guidelines and requirements you must follow:

  • As we said, travel costs are covered, but there is a limit depending on the distance:

Austria (500 – 2000 km) 275 €

Italy (500 – 2000 km) 275 €

Slovakia (500 – 2000 km) 275 €

Greece (500 – 2000 km) 275 €

Estonia (2000 – 3000 km) 360 €

Portugal (100 – 499 km) 180 €

VERY IMPORTANT. This is the limit for every participant depending on the country you come from. But, first of all, as participant you have to verify that your trip is within the corresponding distance band for your country. If your trip is not inside the distance band of your country, you have to contact us because your limit will be a bit lower. For measuring distance use this link, selecting the city/village you come from as origin and Madrid as destiny.

  • As a participant, you have up to 5 days’ gap between your flights dates and Project dates (14th April (arrival day) – 23rd April 2018). Example:

-Arrive 13rd April – Departure 23rd April  1+0=1  OK!

-Arrive 11st April – Departure 25th April  3+2=5  OK!

-Arrive 9th April – Departure 24th April  5+1=6  NOT OK!

  • Main airports destinies you should have in mind: Madrid, Barcelona.
  • VERY IMPORTANT. You have to keep all your tickets, because we will need them for the reimbursement. Some guidelines regarding this issue:
    • Flights: we will need both boarding passes (PDF, not the Boarding Pass from your phone!) and an invoice/receipt of your purchase which specifies the prize
    • E-tickets are valid; you don’t have to print them. In case you only received the physical ticket, scan it before giving it to us.
  • VERY IMPORTANT. You need our confirmation before purchasing your flight tickets.


There is a participation fee of 40€ which will help us to improve the quality of the Project and will be discounted from the travel costs reimbursement.

Travel, accommodation, food, materials, visits, activities… everything involving the Project is covered! So, you will only need some cash for your personal expenses


Participants Preparation

  • Inter-cultural dinner: it will be celebrated the first night. Participants from every group must coordinate to bring typical food and drinks from their country. You can also contact us in case you want to cook or prepare something in the accommodation.
  • Cultural nights: every day, one country will prepare their cultural night. You will have 30-45 min to present your country through Power Point presentations, videos, quizzes, dances, songs, contests, etc.
  • Things you have to bring: Reflex camera (1 per group), laptop.


Other important aspects

  • Insurances: Youth Europa has signed different insurance policies required by the Erasmus+ program. This includes an accident insurance which will cover you facing any severe accident. Regarding health care and as mentioned in the Participants profile section, participants must hold their European Health Card (EU countries) or subscribe a medical insurance (Non-EU Countries). We can help you in this process if you need to. In case you come from Non-EU countries, the cost of the health insurance will be returned to you thanks to the funds we have been given for this purpose. If you don’t meet this requirement when you come to the Project, we will require you to sign a document where you declare that you were informed regarding this issue and exempt us from any responsibility.
  • Weather: 20º during the day, 10º during the night
  • Currency: in Spain we use Euros (€)



Antonio Manresa González (Coordinator)



Project Summary

Location:  El Escorial (Madrid), Spain.
Type: Erasmus+ Youth Exchange.
Topic: Cinema, Filmmaking.
Organizer: Youth Europa.
Dates: 14th April (arrival day) – 23rd April (departure day).
Participants: 4 people (17-27 y.o.) + 1 group leader (+18 y.o.) per country.
Countries: Spain, Estonia, Slovakia, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Greece.
Working language: English.

Open for participants from: Estonia, Slovakia, Portugal and Spain.

Participation fee: 40€.