Have you felt the urge to start your own business? Organisation? Or simply turn some of your ideas into action? This youth exchange will be the next step in your personal development journey. Experience the topic of Entrepreneurship through interactive workshops and fun activities which will challenge you in new ways. Most of the workshops will involve working in groups and no prior experience is needed. You will discover that ‘starting something’ is easier than you thought.

The objective of “Power of Compound” is to bring young people to work with the topic of entrepreneurship and financial literacy. We will spend 10 activity days together in a fantastic international learning environment. Among other goals, you will create life-long friendships which are the foundations of future projects and cooperation. The project gathers 48 participants from 6 different countries – Estonia, Spain, Sweden, Greece, Slovakia, and Poland. Participants are regular young people aged 18-30 who are interested in this project’s topic and curious to learn more.