Who are we?

Youth Europa is an international youth organisation that was founded by a group of passionate young people. All of our members are strong-willed and active, we see many opportunities for improving the lives of the European youth and are constantly working towards our goals. We are currently active in Spain and also in Estonia, but we are always ready to include other countries and look for great people to cooperate with.


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What do we do?

Our goal is to improve the integrity of Europe, connect the youth of different nations, provide them important knowledge, teach them new skills, raise their awareness of important problems and provide solutions. In addition to this, we wish to minimize the hate and fear while maximizing all that is positive. As a result, people will become more active, creative, open-minded, smarter, and more tolerant of each other.




How do we do it?

We are sending people all around Europe to different projects and cooperate with many organisations. However, we do organise projects of our own about different topics which we find important.

There are several upcoming projects in 2017 and many more in future!

We are willing to become partners with any organisation that shares our vision and would like to work towards common goals.

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