How to apply?

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We have made more preparations for our upcoming project and will now share some info about how to apply for participation. We have added following PAGE to our homepage where you will find the form. We would like you to … Read More

Status update 4!

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It’s been a looooooong time since we last wrote to you, we’re sorry for keeping you in the dark for that long. Fortunately, we got some great news for you, Youth Europa got it’s first project approved and it will … Read More

Status update 3

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Sun is shining, temperatures are creeping closer and closer to the point of “living hell”, but we got good news for you! Second half of April was really busy time for us because we had to be ready with our … Read More

Status update 2

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Even though the weather has been rainy and “less energetic” in last few days, we have still been working restlessly each day and everything is going great. The last status update was long time ago and in that time we have … Read More

First status update

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So far we haven’t shared any information on our work and activities but this is about to change. From now on there will be weekly status updates about how we are, what we have done and what’s coming next. It’s … Read More

Our website

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As you might have noticed the webpage has improved quite a bit in the past few days. There are still some slight changes that need to be made here and there, but the main functionality is done. We are going … Read More