Citizen's Greenhouse

Project description

How can technological advances benefit our environment?
What can we do on an individual level to make a difference?
Do we nurture nature or have nature nurtures us?
How to tackle the environmental crisis together?

We are excited to invite you earth-lovers to join us in our next Youth exchange titled “Citizen’s Greenhouse,” and this project will involve 45 participants from Estonia, Spain, Slovakia, Greece, and Serbia. You can expect to delve into fascinating topics related to how our environment plays a part in our technology, and how technology affects our environment. As usual, you can expect us to be completely concerned with seriousness: serious work and serious fun. All work but no play makes it pretty dull, and being dull is not a part of how we operate.

This project is supported by the Erasmus+ program. That the only cost is the small participation fee and we will take care of the rest! 

Citizen's Greenhouse

Youth Exchange

Location: Mustjõe, Estonia
Date: 8th – 19th of July, 2019
Topic: Environment & Technology
Countries: Estonia, Slovakia, Spain, Greece, Serbia
Age group: 18-30
Participants: 45
Participation fee: 50eur

The application deadline is 30th of May. Selected participants will be contacted shortly after.


If you are passionate about the environment, technology (or both), and willing to join us with an open mind and enthusiasm about changing the world for the better, this is what you are signing yourself up for:

– Lively discussions on the current state of environmental issues 
– Brainstorming on solutions that will solve practical problems
– Getting your hands dirty making small-scale pro-environmental technology 
– Plenty of activities to form new friendships 
– Discover Estonians’ love of sauna and soaking in hot tubs in the cool evening air
– Experience the beauty of white nights in Estonia 


The whole event takes place in Mustjõe, Estonia. Surrounded by forests, bogs, and clean fresh air, this is every bit the opposite of big, busy, and hectic city life. Spending your time here is not exactly like being in an episode of Game of Thrones, but it is romantically similar. This venue will give you a unique cultural experience of traditional life in Estonia historically but with modern facilities. Here you can experience both the traditional and the modern:

– Smoke sauna and modern sauna
– Traditional hot-tub and modern Jacuzzi
– Hiking in nature or cozy indoor environments
– Outdoor learning corner or indoor seminar room

It’s the perfect place to just unwind, unplug, and for you to thoroughly enjoy the company of new-found friends and the healthy activities. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience a green, unique, traditional and culturally themed lodging that is truly reminiscent of the past of Estonia.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served at the same location every day. There will be individual sleeping pods available for each participant in the main accommodation complex. We are very excited to announce that this project will be taking place in such a special location and we believe that this accommodation will make your stay really memorable and authentic to the Estonia cultural experience!

Travel & Reimbursement

You must arrive before midnight on 8th of July to the venue of the project and you cannot leave (Unless it’s an emergency) the project before 19th of July. You can get to Mustjõe by flying to Tallinn and taking a train. Contact the coordinator(s) for more details. 

We also cover your travel cost up to certain limit. You will receive your reimbursement after you have provided us all the documents within a month after the event. If you’re economical, it’s possible to get your full travel expenses covered!

Selected participants need to contact the organizer and send their travel info before buying the tickets. It is really important not to buy anything before receiving the green light from us. We will of course assist you in every way possible. 


Culture & Nightlife

Every night, national teams will take charge of introducing various aspects of their culture, country, and food to everyone! Each team will take turns to prepare enriching presentations to share more about their unique traditions and culture. The goal here is for everyone to learn more about the different countries participants are from. 

After which, the organisers will move on to a different social programme arranged each night to keep the fun going. Finally, you can join in the tradition of so many past participants of soaking in the hot tub or sweat it out in the sauna before your head hits the pillow.



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our project coordinator, Gustav. We will do our best to answer all your questions! 

Detailed information will be given to all of the selected participants.

Apply before 30th of May